ASYSST in Action for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and ASYSST has been hard at work on a month-long journey of advocacy, education and support for students. Together with the Ewing High School Guidance Department, a thoughtful variety of activities and initiatives have been planned to share information and resources with the school population. Each week has offered opportunities to foster mental well-being and to break down barriers and stigma surrounding mental health and treatment.

Themes for each week of #MHAM2024 include the following:

Let’s talk about mental health!

Connecting with yourself!

Connecting with others!

Connecting with nature!

Connecting to resources and support!

Mental Health Awareness in Action

Image showing ASYSST bulletin board to advocate for mental health awareness, with flyers and information for students.
The ASYSST bulletin board was decorated with resources and encouragement for Mental Health Awareness Month.

To kick off Mental Health Awareness Month, ASYSST decorated their bulletin board with some helpful information and materials to support mental health awareness. The CARE poster campaign also began, encouraging connection and support.

In addition to these kick-starters, all homeroom teachers received Emergency Hotline Numbers cards to distribute to their students, to recognize the importance of asking for and receiving help in times of crisis. Click the link above to download your own copy of these helpful numbers and resources for yourself or someone you know who may be struggling.

On Wednesdays, we love Wellness!

In the lunchroom, the Mental Health Myth & Fact Wheel has been educating students on mental health topics during Wellness Wednesdays. Down the hall in the ASYSST Main Hub, students have participated in wellness-based activities during regularly scheduled Wind Down Wednesdays. These activities have included relaxation techniques, emotional regulation crafts, and even a social connection challenge. Click the link to try the challenge for yourself!

Last Wednesday, teachers and faculty were invited to participate in the Zen Room experience that is normally offered to students. The Zen Room offers a relaxing, quiet environment where students can unwind and be mindful during a stressful school day. ASYSST was happy to provide this experience for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Image of Zen Room experience for teachers, showing a reclined chair and table set up for "teacher tea" with food and tea.
The Zen Room was opened up for teachers on Wednesday for “Teacher Tea.”

What’s Up Next?

Next Monday, teachers will receive a link to the Virtual Calming Room to provide mindful environments in their own classrooms. Then, on Wednesday, May 29th, guest speakers Blaire Elkhoury and Rebecca Bross from MillHill Outpatient Clinic will discuss mental health, outpatient counseling, and answer student questions about mental health and wellness topics. Mill Hill is a nonprofit located in Trenton that serves children and families with education, counseling and health services to the community. Learn more about Mill Hill by visiting their website.

ASYSST is taking action this month, to highlight the importance of mental health and wellness at all times. Mercer Council celebrates the work of our ASYSST staff, who empower students to achieve their goals on a daily basis!

ASYSST is operated by Mercer Council and is funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families. To learn more about the ASYSST school-based youth services program at Ewing High School, please visit

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