School-Based Services

The Available School Youth Services Support Team (ASYSST) is the school-based youth services program operated by Mercer Council and housed at Ewing High School!


ASYSST helps Ewing High School students navigate their high school years. We empower and equip students to accomplish their goals and become academically successful through mental health counseling, positive youth development and other support services.

“ASYSST is a place where you can be yourself around others.”


ASYSST is a safe space where students can talk openly. We offer an environment that is convenient and comfortable, and provide confidential assistance to students. (We will not disclose your private information to anyone without your expressed written consent, except where disclosure is required by law).

“I feel alive, very safe and like I matter in here.”
— Victor Serna

Program Services Include


Health Services

Recreational & After-School Groups

Summer Camp

ASYSST sponsors, hosts, and facilitates a number of student clubs, groups and activities throughout the school year.

  • Student Clubs: Black Student Alliance (BSA), Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA), Gaming Club
  • Clinical Groups: Grief Support Group
  • College Tours: Kean University, Rutgers University, Seton Hall University
  • Trips and Activities: AMC Theater – Family Engagement Event, MLK Day of Service at MCCC, Princeton-Blairstown Center Leadership and Social Development camp, as well as Funzilla, Dave & Busters, Funplex, and more as part of Summer Camp!

Please reach out to our program staff for more information on any of our services! Download our program brochure.

“ASYSST is the best part about attending Ewing High! If we weren’t in a school building, you would’ve thought you were relaxing with family. You can’t resist A.S.Y.S.S.T!”
— Nigi


Program Staff

Dayron Proctor
Program Director | ext. 2175

The Program Director manages and supervises the daily and operational activities of the ASYSST program. Mr. Proctor serves as the liaison between the program and students, staff, collaborative partnerships and the local community.

Shakita Johnson
Youth Development Specialist | ext. 2173

The Youth Development Specialist assists with developing, coordinating, and facilitating programs that increase protective factors to foster healthy youth development. Ms. Johnson facilitates group activities and lessons that are determined by the needs of students in order to serve them most appropriately.

Ian Smith
Mental Health Clinician | ext. 2171

The Mental Health Clinician provides short-term individual and group counseling, to students and their families, providing outside referrals when needed. Mr. Smith helps to provide programming for students and staff that focus on various aspects of mental health and the healthy development of the students.

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