About Us

Mercer Council is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to the prevention of substance abuse and its harmful consequences. Mercer Council actively provides quality alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention and early intervention programs and services in partnership with individuals, families, schools, communities, businesses and professionals throughout the Greater Mercer County area.

Mercer Council is committed to its mission of creating pathways to reduce substance and behavioral-health related challenges through education, support, advocacy and partnership throughout our community.

Founded by Kay McGrath in 1978, the Mercer Council was created to assist those suffering from addiction in getting treatment. In its present day, the Mercer Council works to offer a number of prevention education services and resources for the community. Learn more about our agency’s history by reading Our Story.

Our professional staff have been trained in evidence-based prevention programs and practices, and are deeply passionate about their work. Get to know the people behind the work of Mercer Council by visiting our Staff page.

We are committed to serving individuals, families, schools, businesses and communities with high-quality prevention and early intervention programs and services, and other community support. Read about Our Impact.

Under the governance of a voluntary Board of Trustees, comprised of professionals living and working across Mercer County, the Council works diligently to serve our community. The Board supports Mercer Council by providing oversight of our programs and of the agency’s financial health. Read more about our Board of Trustees.

Programs & Services

Mercer Council offers a number of school-based and community-based programs and services to support individuals, families, businesses and communities with high quality prevention education and support. Learn more about the programs we offer by visiting our website. If you would like Mercer Council to provide a program or service, please fill out our Request for Services form.