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September is Suicide Prevention Month. While ASYSST is assisting students throughout the year, suicide is one of the many areas we focus on. This year's theme is HELP, take one post one. There is a help sign posted outside of one of our offices, students can take a Post-It Note with a positive affirmation that speaks to or means something to him/he...

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When you Need a Hand to Hold, ASYSST will be there

On July 20, 2021 the students of ASYSST Summer Camp demonstrated an act of goodwill by providing their time and services to the community. During this day of summer camp, the students put together grief bags for the Hand to Hold organization that is housed at Ewing High School (EHS). These bags are given out to students and staff in need, but mainl...

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ASYSST Summer Camp

Summer Camp is back at Ewing High School.  It is a first come first served, up to 15 students can attend. Students will enjoy a variety of activities, games, and 3 field trips throughout the summer. Please see the attached flier for further information and to sign up.

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How Can We ASYSST You? Your Mental Health is Important!


May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Be good to yourself and make sure you are mentally okay.  If not, then seek help. Please enjoy the PSA that ASYSST along with Ewing High School(EHS) Student Council created. This is a message for their fellow students and those in the community.  Please share below, a tip to r...

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Simple Stress Relief Activities

Simple stress relief activites that can be done at home during this lockdown. I hope all is well, we will all get through this.

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M.L.K. Day of Service

On January 20, 2020, the ASYSST staff and two lovely students volunteered for a day of service at the Mercer County Community College(MCCC), James Kerney Campus in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.. The day of service began with prayer, followed by a powerful message from Rev. Dr. Alyn Waller and then all the volunteers disbursed into mini groups for the different tasks they volunteered fo...

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Day of Dialogue

On March 14, 2019 Ewing High School participated in a Day of Dialogue. Over 10 high schools in the Mercer County area participated in this event held at Rider University. Twelve students were asked to attend from each school. Day of Dialogue is a student centered forum, focused on bringing high school students from diverse backgrounds together, to promote conversation, awareness and action around ...

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A Family Away From Home

Last week, Ewing High School found out about two students who have had hardships hit them and their families. One student and his/her family lost their home and all of their belongings in a fire. While they are being housed by Red Cross, they will have to start from scratch to regain everything that was destroyed in the fire. Another student lost a parent to a long battle of cancer. As like any FA...

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ASYSST is open!

Great news! We are finally moved into our new space. The Available School Youth Service Support Team (ASYSST) was previously located outside the school in an adjacent building, and has moved inside the school!!  We could not be more excited to be conveniently located.  It makes us feel more involved with the school and the Students.  The transition was not an easy one, yet we p...

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