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Nurturing the Amazingness in You


Vicarious trauma or secondary trauma is defined as a condition experienced by people who have been working with people living with trauma in which they themselves begin to demonstrate physical and emotional responses to the other person's trauma exposure.

Hearing sad things may impact us. However, some individuals in response to the sadness they hear they begin feeling hopeless, negative, they even struggle to sleep. (DSM IV) Helpers are always so helpful they often forget to help themselves. Slightly more common than vicarious trauma is burn out and compassion fatigue. When was the last time you took your emotional temperature you may find a self-assessment here

One helpful response to these feelings is taking time regularly to do things that bring joy, fill your life with laughter, and allow you to pause between the responsibilities of life. For me finding balance is an ongoing process. It starts with a commitment to do something that nurtures my soul on an ongoing basis no matter how important other things may seem.

Here are some ideas around town

Reconnect to nature at our county farm 
Try a DIY nature program
Take your breath away at Bald Pate Mountain 
Smile at an owl
Have you met our librarians? Mercer County's Library System is a hub for new and old hobbies!

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Friday, 09 June 2023

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