Children in Between

Children in Between is a one-session skill-based program that helps parents manage their relationship with their co-parent during separation and/or divorce so they can avoid putting their children in the middle of their conflict and focus on their role as parents. As they confront these challenges, parents may use their children to manipulate and/or control each other around a variety of personal, social, and financial issues. These tactics increase the stress and anxiety typically experienced by their children and can increase their risk for behavior problems, depression, delinquency, substance use, teen pregnancy, school failure and dropout, and suicide.

The parent will learn to:

• Identify conflicts and how to avoid them;
• Avoid putting children in the middle of their conflicts;
• Improve communication skills;
• Develop sensitivity to how their actions and reactions affect their child.

During the 4-hour session, parents view several realistic scenarios that increase awareness of how parental behavior affects children. Discussion follows each scenario to help parents identify skills needed to improve communication with their co-parent.

In addition, community resources to assist families in transition and/or crisis are also provided. 

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You may view the PDF version of the Program Brochure.

You may also view the PDF version of the Program Summary.

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